Know when to replace your dishwasher hose

Signs Your Dishwasher Hose May Need Replaced

Even a small leak from the dishwasher can cause structural damage to your home. To avoid this situation, look for these signs that your dishwasher water supply line hose may need to be replaced:

    Dishwasher not filling with water:  
      Check the water inlet hose is connected properly and that its valve is in the open position. Also check for any kinks in the hose. Fixing the connection and straightening out any kinks should fix the problem.
      If the other parts of the appliance are connected and working correctly and your dishwasher still doesn't fill with water, it may be time to replace your water supply line hose.

        Water leaking:

        If water is leaking from under your dishwasher, the first thing you should do is check your water line hose. Work out any kinks that might be in the hose and ensure its connections are tight and secure, If water is still leaking out, there could be a hole in the water line, which should be replaced immediately.

        Appliance leaks can not only cost a significant amount of money in wasted water, but they can also require extensive repairs to recover from the water damage.

          Prevent the problem:

          Rubber hoses are commonly used to supply water to a dishwasher, and they deteriorate over time. Replace the rubber hose with a much sturdier stainless steel-braided hose. Buying a steel-braided hose and installing it yourself costs much less than the cost of a water leak or burst pipe.

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