Prevent Flooding and Improve Home Appliance Reliability

Prevent Flooding & Improve Your Appliances Reliability

New home appliances can cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, your expensive and high tech appliance typically come with not so high quality water supply lines.  Plumbers see a lot of water damage and much of it is caused by cheap, unreliable water supply lines and valves.  To avoid flooding or water damage, there is one simple improvement you should make on new appliances before you hook them up in your home.

Braided Stainless Steel Hoses.

Invest in braided stainless steel water supply hoses for your washing machine, your dishwasher and your refrigerator’s water supply line. They do cost a little more than the plastic or rubber lines and hoses that come with your appliance but they are 100% worth every penny.

Stainless Steel hoses will outlast plastic and rubber and they are less likely to spring a leak or burst and flood your home. Look at it this way: An appliance flood could easily cost you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs to your home. Spending a few extra bucks on a quality appliance hose can definitely help prevent this type of disaster.

You can't put a price on reliability and if you want long-term peace of mind, disconnect the cheap water lines that the manufacturer included with the appliance and immediately buy braided steel hoses of the same length.  Quality appliance hoses can be purchased at most home improvement stores, and right here from Hippohose. A happy hose is a Hippohose.


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