How often to replace washing machine hoses

How Often Should You Change Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machines are found in almost every household throughout America. But this common household appliance could be a disaster waiting to happen if you don't replace the water supply hoses attached to your washer every couple of years.

One of the common causes of home flooding is due to faulty washing machine hoses. Due to the number and costs of these claims, insurance companies are now requiring homeowners to have AT LEAST 1500psi burst proof hoses.

It is recommended to change your washing machine hoses every 3-5 years. Some homeowners even take extra precaution and replace them yearly. However, if you replace your hoses with Braided Stainless Steel or PVC coated Stainless Steel hoses, it is not necessary to replace yearly.

This small investment in quality washing machine hoses will help prevent future issues and insurance companies failing to pay for home flooding and water damage claims.

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